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We democratize DevOps pipelines

The world of DevOps is as excited as it is overwhelming. There are a variety of tools for every part of the cycle: Source Code Management, Build, Test, Deploy, CI/CD, Security – you name it. Since DevOps is also a cultural change in software development, our statement, “We democratize DevOps pipelines,” translates into “making DevOps accessible to everyone in your organization.”

The CI/CD pipeline

is the backbone of the modern DevOps environment. We collected a vast amount of expertise in Azure pipelines in conjunction with tools and systems that close the cycle towards perfection.


is such a powerful tool. We provide the answers to all you ever asked for. Do you want to link GitHub to Azure or create a CI/CD pipeline into Azure pipelines directly from GitHub? We tell you exactly how it’s done..

SonarSource SonarQube

is a superb solution that sets the bar high for code quality and security, and is trusted by companies like eBay, Bank of America or BMW. We are here to help raise your standards with SonarQube as well.


is a series of containerization software which also works highly efficiently in a DevOps environment. We go in-depth on docker containers, the Kubernetes cluster manager and how to achieve fast application development, deployment and lifecycle management with the help of OpenShift.


Being a Microsoft MVP, a DASA DevOps trainer and a Microsoft Regional Director allows and enables us to pass on our knowledge to teams and individuals. We provide training in the areas of Azure DevOps, Scrum, GitHub, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and the DASA DevOps Competence Model.


Every successful project is the result of great teamwork and skillful craftsmanship. We
believe that transparency, openness and honesty lead the path for such a success, creating an environment of effortless effectiveness that builds higher motivation and
turn into excellence.



Are you ready to move software development in your organization to the next level and the singlet state?