As Microsoft MVP, DASA DevOps trainer and Microsoft Regional Director, we “teach what we preach.” It’s true. Teaching is the best way to learn, also for us. And who would not be proud to see a team or an organization overcoming obstacles, mastering challenges or thriving to excellence? We are committed in all areas.

We teach 1:1 and (virtual) classrooms up to ten people. Experience has shown to us that this amount of people leads to the best results. We would advise splitting bigger teams into multiple classes, so there is room to help and answer questions on an individual level.

Azure DevOps, DevOps & Scrum

Azure DevOps is a quite widespread and comprehensive topic. We love to introduce people into this exciting new software paradigm and train them in a way that they will move with confidence very quickly. Also the areas, where it interacts with Scrum. As we stretched it very often here, DevOps is a change in the company culture and also in the mind of each individual. The what, why and how of understanding DevOps comes first. From there, we jump into topics like:

Administering Azure DevOps Server (TFS)

Application Lifecycle Management using Visual Studio

Assuring Quality using Azure Test Plans

Continuous Delivery using Azure DevOps Services

Delivering High Quality Databases using Visual Studio

Managing Projects using Azure Boards

Mastering Azure Repos

Practicing Kanban using Azure Boards

Professional Software Testing using Visual Studio

Unit Testing in Visual Studio

Managing Projects using Azure DevOps and Scrum


We dive into the complete cosmos of GitHub:

setting up Git and GitHub

working with GitHub projects

everything about Git Repositories

proper version tracking, branching and merging

DevOps Institute – DASA

As DASA accredited DevOps trainer, we teach the DASA DevOps Competence Model. The model consists of four skill areas and eight knowledge areas.




DevOps Leadership

Continuous improvement


Business Value Optimization

Business Analysis

Architecture & Design


Continuous Delivery

Test Specification

Security, Risk & Compliance


SAFe is a framework for business agility and the leading framework for scaling Agile across the company. It takes the principles and practices of lean, agile and DevOps to transform the culture of an entire organization.

SAFe practices are organized around the five core competencies of the lean enterprise:

Team and Technical Agility

DevOps and Release on Demand

Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering

Lean Portfolio Management

Lean-Agile Leadership

We train your organization holistically so that you can improve quality, efficiency and predictability across the entire enterprise.